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Warning beacon RBL5 and accessories

Eye-catching flash light, proven 100.000 times, made of impact-resistant PC (Makrolon) and ABS.
110 mm diameter and 135 mm mounting height.


part-no. 116 ff, warning beacon RBL 5

Different supply voltages and colours available:
- 12V DC, 24 DC, 230V AC supply
6 different signal colours: red, yellow, orange, green, blue, clear

type/version:operating voltage:power consumption (max.):datasheet:declaration of conformity:
11610RBL 5 / standard230V AC, 50 Hz50 mADatasheet RBL5 230VConformity declaration RBL5 230V AC
11620RBL 5 / standard12V DC350 mADatasheet RBL5 12VConformity declaration RBL5 12V DC
11630RBL 5 / standard24V DC180 mADatasheet RBL5 24VConformity declaration RBL5 24V DC

The RBL5 is an eye-catcher and a very reliable device. The bright XENON-flash is very impressive. The sealed electronic and the impact-resistant housing protect this device against environmental influences such as storm, hail and heavy rain.

Once certified by the German VdS and often the first choice of fire departments, many of our warning beacons have been in use for more than 20 years.

Special device varies, such as the "black editon" result in a wide range of applications, e.g. on industrial doors, or protected against vandalism with a metal basket.


LED warning beacon, type RLL1, RLL2 and accessories
Different supply voltages and colours available:
- RLL1 with wide power supply DC range 9V up to 36V
- RLL2 with 230V AC power supply
- 6 different signal colours: red, yellow, orange, green, blue, clear

11820RLL19V..36V DC28 Chip-LED40...120 mADatasheet RLL1 DCConformity declaration RLL1 DC
11810RLL2230V AC28 Chip-LED40mA (Inrush current: 500mA)Datasheet RLL2 ACConformity declaration RLL2 AC


Mounting bracket for RBL5 and RLL1
... for upright mounting on a vertical wall


part no. 11600, mounting bracket


Metal basket for RBL5 and RLL1
...galvanised and powder coated


part no.11605, metal basket
For warning devices and signal lamps with up to 110 mm in diameter and 130 mm in height.


Warning LED beacon type RWL 11
... the big brother of warning beacon RBL5


- Especially eye-catching, large signal lamp
Cover of impact-resistant PC (Makrolon) similar to RAL 2000 and lower part of ABS
146 mm diameter and 175 mm mounting height
48 super bright LED used by traffic lightings

type:operating voltage:load:datasheet:declaration of conformity:
S0006823RWL 1112V DCappr. 2WDatasheet RWL11 DCConformity declaration RWL11 DC
S0006813RWL 11230V AC*
*integrated power supply
appr. 2WDatasheet RWL11 ACConformity declaration RWL11 AC


Door Surveillance on the escape route

Alarm system for the door surveillance on the emergency exit

The FWS2020 can be distinguished by its characteristics and its design. The main fatures are are a metal housing, a bright LED flashlight and very loud alarmtone. The door is secured by a magnetic contact. The profile cylinder lock enables authorised persons to deactivate the alarm system or to use the door without triggering an alarm.

image004user manual

part no. S0008118G, type: FWS2020

- highly durable profile cylinder lock with magnetic switch contact

- easy connection
- metal housing,
prepared for on-wall and in-wall wiring
- special functions integrated such as automatic activation
- special functions integrated such as automatic activation delay with coerciveness
- all devices are equipped with a red LED flashlight, a siren (105dB), a signal buzzer and a system-BUS
-connection facility for an external operating device with remote indication
-connection facility for magnetic clamp control


System extension with a central control panel

part-No. S0008119G, type ZAS 2020

image004user manual

Only 4 terminals! No problems by voltage drop through long wires

- Power supply and communication is conducted using one single wire (4 x 1,5 NYM – cable)
- Indication lights for “alarm”, “door unlocked”, “door locked”
- All connected devices can be manually deactivated from the control panel.
- Automatic individual door deactivation in case of an emergency with orientation guide
- The location of the emergency exit is signaled in emergency situations by the flashing light.
- Manual door activation from the control panel can be disengaged by the profile cylinder lock.

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