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Following this principle our company develops and produces electronic assemblies for your industrial and security applications.

Our company headquarter was established in 1996 and is based in Münsterland, an area to the north of North-Rhine Westphalia. To most of our customers this location means high flexibility as well as quick availability of services and products within their vicinity.

Since October 2006 our production centre has been located at our premises on the Hügelstrasse in Wettringen. The business development was good in the coming years and it was again too tight on the ground floor. So we expanded our office space in the upper floor in January 2013.


In line with our business philosophy we manufacture the electronic assemblies themselves, where it is economically feasible. Otherwise, we order components by partners in Germany or other European neighboring countries.

It is important for us to to create competitive, high quality and jobs here in Germany.

Internationally we stand out by our economic management structures, approved quality standards, experience and know-how. Some of our products have already achieved worldwide recognition and our brilliant business management has been awarded for the sixth time in succession.

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Development is our top priority

We are committed to supplying our valued customers with co-manufactured items and system components that are practical and reliable. Furthermore, we are extending our product range with our own developments on a yearly basis. In order to constantly improve our products and to keep them up to date, we incorporate both, the experience of the customer and that of our company together to produce the electric design. The extremely versatile application of microprocessor technology enables us to customise our products by altering software parameters in order to meet customer expectations. The combination of hardware and software, accompanied by constantly growing requirements, means that developers of electronic products are facing more complex tasks than ever before.


As our distribution partner, we offer highly attractive special conditions. We are pleased to comply with your expectations concerning design, labelling and packaging.

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We are well prepared for your order...

The employees of the electric production hold a very large quantity safety stock for your convenience. Through a large scaled storage and sophisticated logistics all standard products are available within a very short period of time. The requested items can usually be packed by the time your order is submitted.




Sample tests of our products, conducted by the Physikalisch – Technische Bundesanstalt (Federal Institute of Physics and Metrology) for instance, as well as central laboratory of the Deutsche Telecom and the certifying Authority of the VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH (One of Germany’s leading independent testing institutions) ensure that our products comply with legal requirements.

Physikalisch technische Bundesanstalt


Professional and friendly service is important to us

You can rely on our customer friendly service, which we offer to you through technical expert guidance using all forms of modern communication. A great variety of technical information is now available on the internet. However, due to security reasons confidential information will be given only personally. Should you require more detailed information about any of our products, please contact us.:


Ultimate customer satisfaction is the prior ambition of all our efforts towards a trustful cooperation.

A commitment guaranteed by our reputation:

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