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All our supplied main products are developed and designed by Alfred Hermes. These products are all made and tested in our department in Wettringen, Germany.


HERMES – length measuring systems are in use since 1999:
Our counters are forward / backward counters, which process pulses from incremental rotary encoders. The rotary encoders of each of our types are powered by either a counter unit or a PC.

First applications were found in the textile industry in 1999. In this operational area, special requirements are to be met by any emplaced product, such as a high resistance against electric discharges. Not only do the Hermes products comply with these requirements, they are also unsusceptible to causing problems even when operating under extreme climatic conditions.
Nowadays, there are also applications in cable machines, where work is done with increased production speed. Our products perform their services throughout the whole world. We have always implied our experience in our products, which is why you will only find the most proven technologies in our recent products.

Some examples of HERMES - PC-boards: PCI / ISA


These developments are in use in various industrial computers. What had started with simple counting functions later was expanded on a steady basis. Today’s variations enable recording analogue and digital measurements or handling switching tasks.


USB – length measuring
2009 the first HERMES – USB – meter counter was available. This counter enables you to connect an incremental rotary encoder to any PC with a USB-interface. It is particularly advantageous for many situations that the rotary encoder can be powered directly from the counter. Communicating with the module is very simple using a virtual serial COM-interface. Each module has an additional input and output.

The module is assembled in a die-cast-aluminium housing with a mounting flange and can be easily installed. The housing flange has a total width of 124mm, the actual unit itself has dimensions of about (100 x 50 x 25) mm.



LAN length measuring
Since 2015, the first HERMES LAN meter counter has been available. This counter works in conjunction with incremental encoders and
is equipped with a virtual network interface (VIF).
meter counter is securely housed in a solid aluminium die-cast housing with flanges and can be easily mounted. The housing has a width of 124mm including flanges, the actual module has dimensions of approximately (100 x 50 x 25) mm.
meter counter can be easily connected to the network by a fixed IP address or an address can be obtained automatically.

HERMES LAN length measuring


Length measuring device for measurements according to the Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EG (MID)
This HERMES – counter was prechecked by the”Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt“. The machine standing in connection with the counter can carry out measurements, which can be evaluated as calibrated measurements under certain conditions.

LCB2000 length measureing device

image004LCB2000 short description

This counter also meets the requirements of the new European Measuring Instruments Directive MID 2014/32/EG, and may allow simple licensing procedures. We support our customers with all the experience and checklists for obtaining the approval of your machine by the”Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt”.
Some of our customers have special requirements to a measuring system, that can not be met by our counting system LCB. Therefore we have developed other customer-specific devices. These correspond to the European Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EG MID and to special customer needs. In particular, the interface over which the data can be read out (bus, USB, etc.) or other control tasks, which should be taken over by the unit, have been implemented.
These developments have also passed the tests by the ”Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt“ with success.


LCB2000 19 inch installation kit

We offer you a simple solution with this 19 inch installation kit. It's easily to install the LCB2000 in a different types of front panels.



This is our new length measuring device HMI-300. It is approved by German authorities (PTB)

HMI-300 length measureing device


Product design and electronic development

We realise your product idea: Maybe we can help you to design your own low-priced OEM – product with more than 25 years experience ?!

Our special financing model makes electronic developments affordable, even for low-quantity series. Some long-term partnerships, which benefit from this system, have emerged from this service. Do not hesitate and let us present you an offer. Get competition advantages and copy protection for your ideas with a HERMES - development!

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