Security Technology made in Germany

Visual warning beacons and accessories

All around- flash lamp RBL 5

Eye-catching flash light, proven thousands of times, made of impact-resistant PC (Makrolon) and ABS.
110 mm diameter and 135 mm mounting height.


Item-No. 116 ff, flash lamp RBL 5

approved by the VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH
available designs in 6 different signal colors: red, yellow, orange, green, blue, clear

type/version:operating voltage:power consumption (max.):datasheet:declaration of conformity:
11620RBL 5 / standard12V DC350 mAData RBL5 12VRBL_Konf
11625RBL 5 / VdS-Standard12V DC350 mAData_RBL5_12RBL_Konf
11630RBL 5 / standard24V DC180 mAData_RBL5 24VRBL_Konf
11610RBL 5 / standard230V AC, 50 Hz50 mAData_RBL5 230VRBL_Konf230

VdS-approved designs for special alarm systems are available !
Given is the mean power consumption. The maximum power consumption can sometimes be up to 3 times higher!

Order number:


LED beacon RLFW-13 with flash and rotating function
available designs in 6 different signal colors:

11700X01RLFW 1311..26V DC1 level with 12 LED42..70 mAData_RLFW13RLFW13-Konf
11700X02RLFW 1311..26V DC 2 level, 24 LED84..140 mAData_RLFW13RLFW13-Konf
11700X03RLFW 1311..26V DC3 level, 36 LED126..210 mAData_RLFW13RLFW13-Konf

code X = signal color: 1=red, 2=yellow, 3=orange, 4=green, 5=blue, 6=clear

Note: Given is the mean power consumption. The pulse power consumption can sometimes be up to 5 times higher!

Mounting bracket for RBL5
... for upright mounting on a vertical wall


Art.-Nr. 11600 mounting bracket

Screw terminal block
… alternative for the plug

our lamps have plugs as standard for a particularly secure connection
If you want the installation-friendly screw terminal block please order this explicit -
or arrange this in general as your custom special request!


Item No. 11606 screw terminal block

Metal basket for RBL5
...galvanised and powder coated


Item No.11605 metal basket
For warning devices and signal lamps with up to 110 mm in diameter and 130 mm in height.

LED beacon type: RWL 11
... the big brother of our all around flash lamp


Especially eye-catching, large signal lamp available as flashing or rotating beacon on customer request!
Cover of impact-resistant PC (Makrolon) similar to RAL 2000 and lower part of ABS
146 mm diameter and 175 mm mounting height.
With 48 super bright LED used by traffic lightings, a real eye-catcher.

available designs in this signal color:

type:operating voltage:load:datasheet:declaration of conformity:
S0006823RWL 1112V DCappr. 2WData_RWL11_12RWL11_Konf
S0006813RWL 11230V AC*
*integrated power supply
appr. 2WData_RWL11_230RWL11-230-Konf

Timer, relay, power supply
Approved over a thousand times: We developed the universal relay, the timer and the switching circuits on our customers’ requests. It is easy to install this devices.
Universal Relay:


10V .. 28V coil voltage
Item-no. S0002105     PU = 10 pieces

Smaller than a box of matches, this relay is the perfect appliance throughout a great variety of applications and therefore shouldn`t be missed at any installation.
1 universal input 10V DC…28V DC
Outputs optional 2x potential free (changer) converter or
1x converter with LED-Display “relay energised”
Switching capacity up to 60W at 230V AC (cos(phi) =1).
1 additional input for Low-Power-control, etc.
Screw terminal suited for 2.5mm² of cable diameter
Fixed on ABS-socket with mounting tapes.
Our Item-no.: Sicherheits-Relais

Safty power supply HLG-120-12A: IP65, 12V DC, 10 A for wall mounting
This switching power supply complies with the latest requirements:
It is short-circuit-proof, comes with overvoltage protection and power consumptions of 10 amps won’t even warm it up.
Case with flange, for quick installation. Screw on, connect, ready!
Uin: 90...264V AC, Uout: 12V DC, finely adjustable  from 10,8V to13,5 V


Art.-Nr. 90000 800
Dimensions (Width x height x depth) 220x68x39 mm

DIN-rail-power supply HWDR-120-12: 12V DC, 10 A for DIN rail mounting , with DC o.k. relay output
This switching power supply complies with the latest requirements too:
It is short-circuit-proof, comes with overvoltage protection and power consumptions of 10 amps won’t even warm it up.
Case for electrical cabinet installation. Fit it, connect, ready!
Uin: 180...550V AC, Uout: 12V DC, finely adjustable  from 12V to 15 V


Art.-Nr. 90000 820
Dimensions (Width x height x depth) 40x126x114 mm

Program controlled timer


Item No.. S0000199       Packaging unit = 5 pieces
Dimension (Width x depth x height) 75 x 55 x 30mm

Not all timer functions can be realised via main alarm control panels. The MF4 delivers every time base you need. Either you choose a standard program, or you tell us the timer function, which you repeatedly need. After that, for a one-time fee, you get the desired function with an individual item number. With this number you can reorder the timer as many times as desired. The actual timer clock 00… 99 (seconds / minutes / hours / days) remains variable and is to be set by two rotary controls.
Assembled printed circuit board with mounting accessories.
Item no.: MF4
12V - relay with 2 coils (storage relay)


Art.-Nr. S0002001                             circuit diagram

Typical application: impulse contact - > permanent contact (E.g. armed / unarmed)
Every potential-free field coil can be wired to enable energising the unit with a negative (-) as well as a positive (+) signal via the two separate OR-inputs.

Indicator lamp - protective metal basket in different sizes


for diameters of up to 110 mm, height 130 mm,
special sizes on request within 4-6 weeks


Emergency exit alarm system

The compact alarm system for the surveillance of emergency exits
The FWS2002 can be distinguished by its trendsetting characteristics and its attractive design, shown below in the classical “emergency exit - green.” The door is secured by a magnetic contact. A profile cylinder lock enables authorised persons to deactivate the alarm system or to use the door without triggering an alarm.


image004user guide

Emergency exit alarm system for individual door surveillance, type: FWS 2002, Item.-no. S0002902
-highly durable profile cylinder lock with magnetic switch contact
-Easy-to- install steel metal case, available in “Emergency-exit-green” or standard white
-prepared for on-wall and in-wall wiring
-special functions integrated such as automatic activation
-special functions integrated such as automatic activation delay with coerciveness
-all devices are equipped with a power supply unit, a red flash light, a siren (105dB), a signal buzzer and a system-BUS
-connection facility for an external operating device with remote indication
-connection facility for magnetic clamp control

Inexpensive system extension with central indicating device


type: ZAS 2002, Item.-No. S0002802
image004user guide

Only 4 terminals! No problems by voltage drops through long wires
- Power supply and communication is conducted using one single wire.
(4 x 1,5 or. 5 x 1,5(respectively) NYM – cable, any desired star wire or flat webbed house wire)
- Indication lights for “alarm”, “door unlocked”, “door locked”
- All connected devices can be manually deactivated from the control panel.
- Automatic individual door deactivation in case of an emergency with orientation guide
The location of the emergency exit is signalled in emergency situations by flashing light.
- Manual door activation from the control panel can be disengaged by the profile cylinder lock.

Unlimited applications:
For the case, that several doors at various places are simultaneously remote controlled, it is possible to extend your system with several paralleled display- and control panels.
Therefore you need the parallel indicator with switching function, type: ZAS 2002+P, Item.-No. S0003203

Special paint gives your application a particular note. With pleasure we present to you an individual offer.
For example: ZAS2002 in sapphire blue


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